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Fundraising Results

Want to know the secret behind a successful pitch deck? Here it is: tell a story that leaves them thinking about you long after the pitch (and retelling that story to others). I know story fundamentals and even write fiction. Let’s find the story in your great idea and bring it to life. Contact me for a free consultation.

The Audience You Want

From ad copy to the way you communicate through your landing page, getting your potential customers to click through requires maximum clarity and a compelling offer. We can begin with an audit of existing copy or start from scratch. Either way, my first goal will be to understand your product and goals.

Sales on Autopilot

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching sales numbers languish when you know you have a great offer. Let’s identify the problems in your sales copy and fix them. A small investment like this can bring outsized returns.

Clear (Native) English

Don’t let a poor (or worse, a machine!!!) translation send your English-speaking audience clicking “close window” or “delete.” I help entrepreneurs who lack a strong English-language background. In fact, here’s a testimonial for that:

We aren’t native English speakers and we translated our website ourselves. Naturally, there were errors and various imperfections, and our English copy was far inferior to the French original. This had a negative impact on our branding and the quality of our messaging. With Tad, we were able to correct this in record time thanks to a simple, fluid, and efficient process. Tad very quickly understood our values, our positioning, and our offer. He was able to communicate all of this with the right words, good taste, and pleasant turns of phrase.

Romain Payet

Co-founder, Midnight Trains

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I specialize in these industries:

The Business of Fashion

Reading The Business of Fashion is my idea of a good time. You won’t find me writing about Prada’s latest runway show, however. The fashion industry is full of complex ever-evolving problems which urgently need to be solved. From the evolution of headless commerce to sustainability and the use of blockchain technology, I keep up with it all.

Sustainability & Climate Tech

My interest in (and use of) alternative building materials goes back years. Today, problems and solutions in materials science are inextricably intertwined with a myriad of pressing issues, from climate change to social justice. I have an earth sciences background and I love to study new technology.

Crypto / Blockchain / Web3

Forget the ponzi schemes and financial engineering which have scarred this young industry. The real value in blockchain technology will emerge in the coming years. Want to build a brand community using NFTs or free your data from Big Tech? Blockchain tech can help. I keep up with the trends and the leaders solving problems in the crypto space.

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