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My Process …Your Success

1. Consultation & Questionnaire

I’ll review your website copy and deliver my assessment during your free consultation. If we agree that your business needs copywriting services, I’ll send you a proposal and project timeline. My minimum project fee is €1000 and a typical website copywriting project runs from €3k to €5k and takes 3-4 weeks.

After an initial 50% deposit I’ll send you a questionnaire designed to help me understand your business, ideal customer, competition, and optimal site call-to-action.

Once I’ve reviewed your answers and done the necessary research, we’ll have a more in-depth discussion to clarify your message. This will ensure the new copy I deliver helps you reach your goals.


2. Unique Value Proposition

This is the fun part. We’ll collaborate to create a statement that perfectly describes who you are, what you offer, and what problem your product or service solves. All with an eye toward reaching your target audience. The process of creating a new UVP is both enlightening and empowering for the business owner. This unique value proposition (sometimes called a positioning statement) will form the basis of the rest of the website copy.

A well-crafted UVP is the foundation of clear communication in business. From the Hero Section of your website to the way you describe your business to your network, an investment in a clear UVP will generate returns for years to come. 


3. First Draft Delivery

Once the UVP is defined and we know what concrete action we want your website visitors to take, I’ll write the rest of your website copy and deliver a completed first draft to you within the scheduled delivery date. The project invoice balance is due upon delivery.

The project timeline will depend on the number of site pages and the overall content density. My standard turnaround time is 3-4 weeks, and if I am booked for some weeks before I can begin your project I will communicate that delay to you at the beginning of the process.

4. Unlimited Revisions

For one month after I submit my first draft, I’ll provide you with unlimited revisions upon request. You can (and should) install and test your new website copy. I cannot rewrite toward a fundamental shift in the direction of the copy, but as long as your UVP and goals remain consistent only small revisions (if any) should be required.

My goal is to get you results. I’ll be honest with you throughout the process, and might even challenge your assumptions. When the contract ends, I want to see you excited about your website and its positive impact on your business. If you like my work, we can move on to other copywriting services (email sequences, etc.).

Why You Should Work With Me

The First Thing I Will Do is Listen to You

I want to hear everything you have to say about your product or service. Tell me why you’ve devoted your time and energy to creating it and why people need it. I want to hear your passion so I can communicate that to your customers.

I Don’t Do Average or Just Okay

When I see average results for just about anything, I see them as a challenge. When I first started running Facebook ads, I worked the copy in the ad and on the landing page for a few days and achieved results five times the industry averages.

I Will Take Ownership of Your Copy Problems

Don’t be alarmed when I say “what we need to do is…” I know you’re the business owner, and all final decisions are yours. What I mean when I say “we” is that as long as we are working together, I’m fully involved in solving your problems.


I’m More Than Just a Copywriter

I’ve built entire sales funnels encompassing the entire customer journey. From Facebook ads to landing pages to email sequences to sales pages and automated product delivery, I know what needs to happen at every stage of the process to ensure a return on your investment.

I Know the Power of Communication in Business

I started writing copy 20 years ago because I was tasked with growing a tiny cottage business into something that could support 20+ people. In just a few years we increased our revenue 30x to well over $1 million. All through the power of clear communication.

What Kind of English are We Talking About?

If you decide to work with me, I’ll send you a questionnaire which will help me understand your vision, your target audience, and the voice or style your copy should be written in. I’m not here to impose a style upon your communication. I can mimic any style. My job is to make your copy clear.